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My bookmark service is Bash

I stopped bookmarking many years ago. Reasons were plenty and boring, so let's skip them. And although Pinboard is probably awesome, I tend to not use online services like it that much. I like control, I like it local, and offline and in plain text files – like the site you are looking at. I don't like having another account and depending on an external service which in al likelyness will have 100 features I don't need and will miss one or two features I deem criiitiiicaaaaal.

Since I recently find myself searching the browser history more often than I want, I thought I could as well keep a simple bookmark list here. I don't want to manage bookmarks, for now I just want to dump them.

So here is the rundown when I want to keep a site:

  • Copy a Markdown version of the link with the help of the Markdown Link Generator
  • Cmd-Space to open Alfred
  • b is my shortcut to the bookmark workflow
  • Cmd-v the the markdownified link and edit as needed
  • Return then runs the workflow which
    • Prepends the link to the raw in my Jekyll repo
    • runs the render-linklist script which (you guessed it) renders a proper Jekyll-page and pushes it to Github.

Following below is the code I currently use.

A few notes on that:

  • Yes, there are scripting languages which are probably suited much better for the job. But I recently decided to focus an Bash and JS/Node.
  • God, it is an awful hacky script, so don't try it home. It doesn't do any kind of error checking, proper escaping or the like. It currently breaks when using any special characters.
  • I am just happy it actually works. Yay!
  • Thanks to the Alfred forum for helping out.

The Alfred workflow (a mod):


export PATH= ... # making sure rbenv is in the path

if which rbenv > /dev/null; then eval "$(rbenv init -)"; fi

t=`mktemp /tmp/alfred_prepend.XXXXXXXX`
d=`date +%Y-%m-%d`
e="- "$q"    ["$d"]"

cat - $f <<< $e > $t
mv $t $f
rm $t


The script


cd ~/projects/filtercake

touch bookmarks.html
echo "---" > bookmarks.html
echo "layout: default" >> bookmarks.html
echo "title: bookmarks" >> bookmarks.html
echo "---" >> bookmarks.html
echo " " >> bookmarks.html

echo "<h1>Bookmarks</h1>" >> bookmarks.html

redcarpet >> bookmarks.html

git add
git add bookmarks.html
git ci -m "updated bookmarks"
git pull
git push origin master