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Getting slowly off the caffeine

@janl writes:

Haven’t had any coffee in over six months and no black or green tee in over four. I feel fantastic, more energetic and less spiky.

There where some sad comments by other parents mirroring my problem: a) you unavoidingly fall back to the caffeine needle once your kids arrive and b) you have no slack to cope with two or three weeks of cold turkey (which remember pretty well from a couple years ago). So what to do?

What I am currently doing is this:

First I started having a glass of water when making the coffee. Over the following months I slowly pushed drinking the coffee back little by little without reducing it. I just drink as much as I feel I need (which depends on many different things) but just a little later.

Right now I am showered and ready to start the day before I have had the first coffee, and guess what: the need to have a coffee is gone at that point. I can actually have a nice, relaxed cup of coffee before the kids get up. With the need gone, it is also a lot easier to keep my consumption at two or three cups, instead of just gulping down as much as possible.

The next steps are pushing that first coffee back even further to the family breakfast, then changing it to tea. Or maybe even keep drinking coffee. I don't think ”not drinking coffee“ solves anything by itself. But as Jan correctly concludes:

My personal favourite was losing the bit of the addiction, where I had to have a cup in the morning before anything.

Full ack. That's the point.

I should probably add that so far this works because I started having a morning routine over the past year. Having a glass of water and showering instantly after getting up could very well be that first mini-routine for you though.