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Dear kids part 6: move slow while making things

Recently in my timeline, something came along that read something like this:

It took Tolkien 12 years from releasing the hobbit to releasing lord of the rings. Good things take time.

That made me think.

LEAN here, MVP there, miximizing output and throughput, always tweaking the generic flow where you drop a problem in at one end and a high-value, high-quality, low-maintenance, low-cost solution comes out at the predicted time on the other end.

But your personal projects are not a business. You're doing them for fun.

And nobody is expecting anything from you.

This is the place where you can take all the time you want. Or you can just leave it unfinished and do something else. It's okay.

This is the freedom that you can never have at work: to stubbornly do things exactly how you think is right, explore all kinds of side-tracks, fall down, get up, re-do unimportant details because they are important to you.

If you start something new every week, and only ship one thing a year, that is okay.

The slower the train, the more you see.

Taking a journey is the fun part, not the arrival.

Sich zu verfahren kostet Zeit, aber man wird dabei ortskundig.


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