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Three Beautiful Children's Books

There are so many children's books out there. But which are really cool? Even if you do not have kids yourself, maybe there is a gift to buy for your nice.

Well, for one, all books where kids can touch and move stuff are great. There are even books where moving parts make noises and stuff. Woo-hoo!

Sadly, these tend to break pretty fast. You can make cardboard as thick as you want – it is still cardboard.

But even with one and a half years, kids enjoy stories. So here are three story-based books without any gimmicks. Just beautiful pages.

They have some things in common:

  • The illustrations are colorful and there's lots of detail love. Lots of things to explore and be surprised by. I usually spot a new or forgotten detail in each reading.
  • The stories are simple but... relevant?
  • The characters are animals.
  • The characters stand out from the other cast and go through actual real-story-like highs and lows.

The kids simply love them.


The story of a brightly colored elephant who wants to be like the other normal elephants.

Good Night Gorilla

The story of a gorilla who sneaks the zoo warden's keys and uncages all the other animals.

Cat is sleepy

The story of a tired cat who tries to find a cozy place to nap. My personal favourite (duh, it's about a cat, so...).

Satoshi Kitamura has specifically caught my eye. Cat is Sleepy is part of a series featuring intriguing titles like Duck is Dirty or Dog is Thirsty. Instant win.

I linked the english versions here, but actually the language doesn't matter that much. There is very little text and the kids wont read it themselves for a couple years.

If you think there are more books to add to this list, please ping me on Twitter.